Work Experience

Hi,Myself Md. Imam Uddin , I am from People's Republic of Bangladesh.
I am an Assistant Officer in Youngone Group , Korean EPZ .
SAP ECC 6.0 ( SAP pp module ) is my professional Responsibility.
I am also an MCPD (Microsoft® Certified Professional Developer).
WordPress web site development is my most favorite hobby.

Details on Korean EPZ

Youngone Group, Korean EPZ.

Youngone Corporation, incorporated in Korea in 1974, operates in 12 countries of the world, namely USA, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, El-Salvador, Korea, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Bangladesh. This Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Outerwear, Sportswear, Backpack, Woven fabric, Non-woven polyester products, Dyeing and Finishing synthetic fabrics, Sport Shoes, & shoe accessories, besides being resin and poly bags retailer and exporter.

Details on Youngone Group

Youngone Corporation

Youngone Corporation established its first overseas operation in Chittagong city, Bangladesh in 1980 and moved its operation into the Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CEPZ) in 1988. Today the company employs more than 40000 local workforce in its 17 factories in the EPZs of Dhaka (DEPZ) and Chittagong (CEPZ & KEPZ ) and supplies world class brand products all over the world. Youngone Corporation is headed by Mr. Kihak Sung , the Chairman & CEO.

My Skills

I am working with an excellent professional responsibilities
SAP ECC 6.0 (SAP_pp module full operation)
in my job place for the next 2 years more.
Besides this I am practicing web development by WordPress as a part of deep thirst of building me a perfect online activist.
I am also an MCPD that’s why I have also skill on C#.NET & ASP.NET with MS-SQL (RDBMS).

WordPress, HTML & CSS.


SAP ECC 6.0 [SAP_pp module].






Web Development

:: WordPress ::

I have developed a static school website with my WordPress knowledge and I have published it online with a free domain and hosting. To see it online click on My WordPress Website , I have published it just for testing purpose.

:: ASP.NET ::

I am Practicing ASP.NET with MS-SQL Database from the year 2015, I am very much keen to make website. I have an online project publishing with a free hosting and domain. To see it, please click on My ASP.NET Project . It is a demo project.

:: HTML & CSS ::

In this Resume where you are reading about my details, is totally based on HTML & CSS. I have developed it with the help of google. I have also published it on online with a free domain and hosting in 000Webhost , a free domain and hosting site.

Programming Knowledge

:: C#.NET ::

From the begining of the year 2014, I am practising C#.NET. I have made some small program of desktop application. To see about it, please click on REVIEW of my tiny projects. I have written a review in my personal google blog.

:: SQL Server(RDBMS) ::

I have used standard commands, logics, VIEWS, JOINS , Stored Procedures, SQL Quries and CRUD operation for my both DESKTOP APPLICATION and WEB APPLICATION in MS-SQL Server database.

:: VB.NET ::

I have primary knowledge on VB.NET. I have made some small program with the help of VB.NET in MS-EXCEL with the help EXCEL macros. I have prepared it to make my daily professional duty more and more easy and time saving.

Software Environment

:: SAP ECC 6.0 ::

As a professional, I am a smooth and friendly user of SAP ECC 6.0 with SAP_pp module full operation. Used tcodes [SAP Transaction Codes] are COOIS, ZSD11, CA01-03, CO01-03, CO08, CO12-14, ZPPB02, ZPPR01, ZPPR07, ZCO13, VL09, MB51 etc.

:: Visual Studio&SQL ::

I have clear, friendly and sound knowledge in setup, installation, operation, troubleshoot and smooth coding on MS Visual Studio 2005-2016 and MS SQL Server 2005-2016 all versions and small tools and plugin, form the year of 2013.

:: Extra ::

As a part of hobby of playing with new and up-to-date IT and technology, I am very much adjusted with the environment of Windows 7 to Windows 10 all versions; Satrting with Notepad++ to MS-Office 2007 to 2016; & world most used utilities.


I have completed my graduation and post-graduation from University of Chittagong in Bangladesh.
After completing my post-graduation,I have got a scholarship from IDB-BISEW , from here I completed my MCPD certification under Microsoft® .


[Certified Professional Developer]

Microsoft® Certification

OCT 2014 - MAR 2015

I have become an MCPD after completion of four step online examination.

BSS(Hon's), MSS


University Of Chittagong

Session: 2007-2011

Completed 4 years hon's graduation and a year post-graduation & most turning point of my life.




AUG 2013 - MAR 2015

I have started my programing and web application practise from this nice institution.


Here I have mentioned my contact details.
Contact with me if you feel need, Here I mention both my home address and working place address. For More Contact Option, Please click on the icon shwon in the social media icon.

My Contact Info

Youngone Group, Korean EPZ.

KSI, Anowara, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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